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Monkey Wrench Gang T-Shirts

The shirts are Beefy T's, 100% cotton. We have a wide range of colors and designs available, both for women and men. For the complete lineup, and to purchase the shirts, please visit the Ken Sanders Rare Books website.

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Pictures of the shirts being modeled are also available.

The Gang: Maroon, white ink.

GANG The whole gang: Hayduke, Seldom, Doc, and Bonnie.

Hayduke Lives!: Tan, black ink.

HAYDUKE Hayduke, half-crushed beer can in hand.

Bonnie: Slate blue, black ink.

BONNIE Bonnie Abzug

Seldom Seen: Drab green, black ink.

SELDOM Seldom, kneeling in prayer on the Dam.

Doc Sarvis & TV: Gray with black ink.

DOC Doc, as he kicks the telvision square in the eye.

The Wrench: Black with silver ink.

WRENCH The Monkey Wrench, prominently displayed.

**NOTE: The colors of the Hayduke, Bonnie, Seldom and Doc T-Shirts may vary!.

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